Baltic Unique Solutions Ltd. was founded on 2009 and offers different kinds of food and treats for horses, ponies, rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas under the name NICETY.

NICETY is a premium level organic grown and biologically certified animal feed, mainly produced in the form of pellets containing dried grass, grain, herbs, fruits and vegetables.
NICETY as a premium bio-organic animal feed:
– contains more vitamins and natural minerals than traditional animal feed,
– includes ingredients that are grown in a chemical free environment in Latvia,
– does not cause any allergies, illnesses or leave any chemical residue.

NICETY animal feed has a biological certification that is done according to European Union (EU) regulations and has the green BIO label that is valid in all member countries.
Biological certification acknowledges that:
– all ingredients are grown without any chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers,
– no chemicals or preservatives are used in the production process to increase expiration date,
– product does not contain any GMO (genetically modified organisms),
– all parties including farmers and producers involved in animal feed production process are regularly monitored and re-certified at least once a year.